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Reaching the Top Ten of Perfect Picks

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

For all intents and purposes I’m a fantasy football addict. However, I also enjoy playing other football-related games that have a dependency on live matches. Perfect Picks appealed to me as it's simple to play, with no weekly commitment, has a good UI and the Contests are engaging. I was introduced to Perfect Picks on the eve of the 2020-21 season. Initially I only focused on Premier League games with mixed results. The international break gave me an excuse to feign an interest in the Nations League and things changed when I scored 75.00 (out of a maximum 100) in one Contest. For me that was the turning point of taking more of an interest in Perfect Picks as my global rank skyrocketed.

I then decided to take things a step further in November by entering even more Contests, not only relying on gut instinct for my predictions but also gradually looking at team form charts and league tables. This proved significant as I rattled off a string of 50+scores in the most random of Contests that I would traditionally have no interest in, from MLS games to South America’s World Cup qualifying matches, I was doing well in most of them. By the end of November, having entered over 40 Contests, I had managed to cement a Top 20 rank and it was from this point that I further developed my approach. I began to enter a smaller number of Contests per week, especially those that had less games and in turn less variables for my peace of mind. In addition, by this point I had become acquainted with other Perfect Picks’ gamers who also played fantasy football which further refined my game play. The average of your 20 best scores from your last 40 Contests influences your World Ranking Points in Perfect Picks. As my early scores were weaker than my most recent scores this proved significant as my results were getting better and with a bit of luck I eventually reached a high of being seventh in the world.

As more gamers play Perfect Picks and hone their techniques, I have no doubt that my Top 10 rank will be short lived, and I welcome the competition at hand. From my side, I’ve enjoyed playing Perfect Picks to date and I hope the game is further developed. For instance, it would be good to see a “banking points” option after a certain period of time during a Contest, albeit in a spin-off game as that would certainly test gamers in different ways.

All in all, Perfect Picks complements fantasy football really well. Both require you to do some smart research if you want to succeed and both rely on your anticipation. And of course, ultimately you have no control on the actual real life matches and just have to hope that your picks are spot on! Ash, FPL Hints Ash is a fantasy football enthusiast who once finished 110th in FPL. He is also the reigning Championship Manager 97/98 World Cup Champion. Follow him on twitter @FPLHints


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