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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Perfect Picks?

Perfect Picks is the sports prediction game that you play against other fans. It includes Contests for Soccer, NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. Select your favourite sport and play for points by picking the outcome of games. The more accurate your picks, the higher your score.  Predict the correct result and winning margin in a game and you will score maximum points – a Perfect Pick!


Sounds good. I like sports and trying to prove I’m right! How do I download Perfect Picks?
Perfect Picks is available to download in the App Store and Google Play Store. Just search for Perfect Picks and tap to download it to your mobile device.

Is Perfect Picks free to download?

Yes! Perfect Picks is a free to download and all Contests are free to enter.


Is Perfect Picks Gambling?

No! Perfect Picks is not gambling because you never have to pay money to download the app or enter Contests. However you can win real money prizes.


What type of device do I need to play Perfect Picks?

Perfect Picks can be downloaded to any mobile device or tablet with Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS Operating System.

Can I play Perfect Picks on my desktop?
Perfect Picks is an app designed for mobile devices and not currently available for desktops.


What information do I need to register?

To register a Perfect Picks account you will be asked to enter your name, date of birth (you must be aged 18 years or over) and country of residence, as well as a valid email address which you will be required to verify. You will also be required to read and accept our Terms and Conditions.

How do I verify my email?
To verify your email you will be sent a Registration Code which you will be required to enter when prompted.

I did not receive my verification email. What do I do now?
Please check your Junk folder. If it has not arrived after 15 minutes, please request a new registration code by clicking on the link where prompted. After retrying, if the verification email still has not arrived please email us at

Can I create more than one Prefect Picks account?

Registering multiple Perfect Picks accounts is not permitted.

I have changed my email address since registering. Can it be updated?
Yes. Any changes to your personal information can be edited via the Profile tab. If you update your email address you will be asked to verify it via the same method as when first registering a Perfect Picks account.


How can I tell other people about Perfect Picks?

We’d love you to let your friends and family know about the app. You can invite them to download Perfect Picks via the Friends tab within Profile section of the app.

Picks and Contests

How do I make my Picks?
To get started, first tap on the Contests section at the footer of the app. Upcoming Contests are viewed by then tapping the Available tab. From here, tap anywhere on your chosen Contest to make your Picks.

What do I have to predict?
For each game in a Contest you are required to predict the correct result by tapping on the team you think will win, then scrolling to pick the winning margin. Alternatively, tap draw where available. 

Hang on. What is a Contest?
A Contest is a group of games selected by the Perfect Picks team. Games in a Contest are chosen from one sport (for example, soccer) and typically from the same competition (for example, La Liga). Multi-competition Contests are available on occasions.


How many games are in each Contest?
It varies depending on each sport's schedule but typically the range will be a minimum of three and a maximum of 16 games comprising each Contest.

How are the number of points available per game determined?
The amount of points available per game is determined by the number of games within a Contest. For a breakdown of the points allocation per game, tap on the ‘?’ icon above any Contest Leaderboard.  Make a Perfect Pick in every game in a Contest and you will score 100 points.

Is the maximum score in every Contest 100 points?
Yes. Scoring each Contest out of 100 allows you to easily compare your performance against other Perfect Picks players, gain a ranking (see Rankings FAQs for further information) and try to beat your personal best!

What does the star mean under each game?
In each Contest you can make one Star Pick. Tapping the Star will double the number of points you score for that game. 

Can I change my Pick for a game after I have made it?

Yes. You can change your Pick as many times as you like until the game kicks-off by tapping the Undo icon. Once a game starts it is deemed In Play and your Pick will be locked.

Do I have to make a Pick in every game?
No, however you will score 0 points for any game in which you do not make a Pick.

Can I check how my Picks are doing once a game has started?

Yes. The Home section features 'Today’s Picks' and 'Future Picks' tabs. Both show a summary of your upcoming Picks, including projected points for any games that are In Play (displayed in orange) as well as points you have scored for games that have finished (in green). Games are grouped by Contest in date order.

In addition, each Contest also has a Leaderboard. Tap your name to view how many points each Pick has scored, or is projected to score based on current game score, as well as your overall position within the Contest at any time.

Where can I find the results of Contests that have finished?

Tapping the Completed tab from within the Contests section will show you a list of all Contests that have finished, each with the points you scored and your finishing position. Tap anywhere on a Contest for the result of each game and the points you scored for that game.

How do I know when a new Contest is available to enter?
When the Perfect Picks team creates a new Contest you will automatically receive a push notification to your mobile device if this Contest is part of a League you are a Member of (see Leagues section of FAQs for further information). An alert will also be sent to your News Feed on the Home section of the app.


OK, and what about the result of a Contest once it is completed?
When all games in a Contest in which you made one or more Picks has finished, you will receive a push notification to your mobile device that informs you of the points you scored and your finishing position within the Contest. An alert will also be sent to your News Feed on the Home section of the app.


My News Feed sounds helpful. What else might I find in it?

Your News Feed contains regular Contest alerts and results, League updates, Friend Request notifications and much more all in one place.


In Soccer, are points awarded on the result at 90 minutes, or does extra time count too if that is played? And what about penalty shootouts?

To ensure excitement is guaranteed until the final whistle, if scores are level at full time in a soccer game, points are awarded based on the result at the end of extra time. The outcome of any subsequent penalty shootout is not considered for the purposes of allocating points.

OK. And is that the same for overtime in NFL and NBA?

Yes. Points are awarded based on the result at the end of overtime.


What happens if a game that was part of a Contest does not take place?

Any game that is postponed, abandoned or cancelled will be disregarded for the purposes of scoring points in that Contest.



Several of my friends are already playing Perfect Picks. Can we set up a league to play against each other?

Yes.  Any Perfect Picks player can create a League via the League section of the app. Tap ‘New’ then choose the Sport(s) and Competition(s) you would like to be included and set a Start date and End Date. Once the League is created you can then invite your Friends to be Members. 

Is there a limit to the number of Sports and Competitions in each League?

No. Choose as many of the Sports and Competitions available on Perfect Picks.

What is the shortest and longest duration a League can last?

Leagues enable a group of friends to compete against one another for as little as one day, or over an entire season or more. All results are tracked and displayed in the League Table. 

Can I only invite people to join a League that I am Friends with?

Yes. Restricting League membership to Friends only means it is truly private and allows you to only compete against people you know.

I’ve set up my League and invited my Friends. Now what happens?

Simply remember to make your Picks! Each time the Perfect Picks team creates a Contest that matches your League settings it will automatically appear in the League tab and any points scored will count towards your League.


How can I see who else is a Member of a League I am in?

You can view all Members of a League either by tapping the Members tab or viewing the Leaderboard.


Do I get an alert when a Contest that is part of one of my Leagues becomes Available?

When the Perfect Picks team creates a new Contest you will automatically receive a push notification to your mobile device if this Contest is part of a League you are a Member of. An alert will also be sent to your News Feed on the Home section of the app.

How often is the League Table updated?

Each League Table automatically updates after all Games in a Contest have been Completed.

Can I ask other Members of my League to also be League Admin? If so, how?

Yes. Simply tap on the Members tab of your League and then tap ‘Make Admin’ next to their name.

How many Leagues can I be a Member of?

There is no limit to the number of Perfect Picks Leagues you can join.

Can I join another League after it has started?

Yes. However, you will only score points for that League from Contests that are completed after you join,  so it is best to be a Member from the Start Date to give you the best chance of becoming league champion!


Is it possible to leave a League once I have joined?

Yes. If for any reason you would like to leave a League you can do so via the Info tab within that League.

League of Leagues

What is a League of Leagues?

A League of Leagues gives members of a Private League the chance to compete against other Private Leagues to win guaranteed cash prizes.

Each Private League earns points for every Contest for a chosen Competition (e.g, EPL, NFL). The points earned are the total of the best 5 scores in your League.

How does my Private League enter a League of Leagues...and are they free to play?

No manual entry is required. All eligible Private Leagues that match the League of Leagues competition and are within the Start Date and End Date will automatically qualify.

All League of Leagues are free to  play!

How long does a League of Leagues last?

It varies. Some League of Leagues will be In Play for a few months, others a full season. Please see the LOL section of the app for the Start Date and End Date of each League of Leagues.

Can I see which members of my Private League have contributed the most points?

Absolutely! From the Leaderboard, tap on a Private League name to view the Contest Breakdown (Top 5 Scores) and Player Breakdown (contribution across all Contests).

Is there a minimum or maximum number of Private League Members allowed?

No there isn't, but with the points earned for a League of Leagues being the total of the best 5 scores, the more Members you have, the better chance your League has of a higher score!

What cash prizes can be won in a League of Leagues?

Check the banner and header of each League of Leagues for information on any cash prize(s) offered.

Our Private League has lots of Members. Who is the prize paid to if we win?

Any prize will be paid to the League Admin only. It is the League Admin's responsibility to distribute any prize to that League's Members as best they see fit.


How do I gain a Ranking?
You gain your first Perfect Picks Ranking when you complete four Contests in the same Sport. The average of these four scores determines your first Ranking. 

OK, how does my Ranking change after that?

Your Ranking is the average of your 20 highest scores from your last 40 Contests. Only Contests completed in the last 12 months qualify for a Ranking. If you have completed less than 20 Contests in a particular sport, the average of all of your scores will determine your Ranking.

Are there others ways to track how I am doing?

Yes! The My Stats section of the app displays your Pick Success, Star Pick Success and Average Contest Score (Lifetime) as well as your Personal Best!

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