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Custom Leagues:

Play Against Friends &

Free Advertising For Your Brand

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Anyone can create a Custom Perfect Picks League from within the app. It is a simple process. There are two types; Standard and Branded, both are free.

Standard Leagues (Family and Friends) allow you to choose the sport, competitions, start date, end date and League scoring type (total points or average points). Standard Leagues are ideal for a group of friends or family to complete against one another

Branded Leagues (Businesses and Brands) include the same options as Standard Leagues, but also allow custom branding. This enables you to promote your website, channel, podcast, or business to your followers. You can upload a custom League image, a description, your website URL and your twitter handle to maximise the impact.

Branded leagues are the best way to increase awareness of your brand amongst sports fans, and drive traffic to your website. You can even offer prizes to your league winners to maximise engagement with your fans

*any prizes offered by League Administrators must follow the regulations of your local jurisdiction. Any prizes offered are not the responsibility of Grand Slam Digital to facilitate or deliver. 


Standings are based on the total points each player is awarded for all League Contests combined.

Choose this option if you expect all players to enter the League from the start and enter all Contests.


Standings are based on the average number of points a Player is awarded from the Contests they have entered. Players must enter 50% or more of League Contests to qualify for the leader board.

Choose this option if you expect some players will join the League after the start date, or if some players will not enter all Contests.

League Scoring Type

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