Whether you are new to Perfect Picks or just want to find out a little bit more about the app, our Glossary aims to help you understand some of the terms and phrases you are likely to find.  

  • Available Contest: A list of upcoming Contests. Make Picks in as few or as many Contests as you like. A Contest is a group of games selected by the Perfect Picks admin team.

  • Average Points: A League scoring type. Standings are based on the average number of points a Player is awarded from the Contests they have entered. Players must enter 50% or more League Contests to qualify for the League Table.

  • Branded League: A League type. All the same features as a Standard League but allows you to promote your website, channel, podcast or business to your followers. Upload a custom League banner, description, website url and Twitter handle. 

  • Completed Contest: The status of a Contest once all Games have finished. We'll send you an alert once a Contest is Completed with your points and finishing position.

  • Correct Pick: Predict the right result, but the wrong winning margin and you will have achieved a Correct Pick.

  • Country Ranking: Where you rank against all other Players from your country.


  • Donut: Nobody wants a Donut. At least when playing Perfect Picks! A Donut is an Incorrect Pick for each game in a Contest resulting in a score of 0 Points.


  • Entered Contest: The status of a Contest that you have made one or more Picks in. 


  • Entries: The number of Players in a Contest.


  • Friend Request: An invite to connect sent to another Perfect Picks player. You can participate with Friends in Leagues, as well as get Friend alerts in your News Feed based on their Contest results.


  • Friends Ranking: See how you compare against your Friends via the My Stats section.


  • Future Picks: Your Picks for the next 3 days available via the Home section. Games are grouped by Contest in date order.


  • Grand Salami: Picking the correct result in every game in a Contest. Well done!


  • High Score Alert: We'll send you a High Score Alert when you or one of your Friends have scored over 60 points in a Contest.


  • Home: Section of the app containing your personal News Feed, Today's Picks and Future Picks


  • In Play Contest: The status of a Contest once the first game begins. We'll send you an alert once a Contest is In Play so you know when it has started.


  • Incorrect Pick: Not what you are trying to do! You have picked the wrong winning team. 


  • Leaderboard: Check on your performance in each Contest. The Leaderboard shows all Players, Picks (once a game has started) and Points.


  • League ID: Share the unique League ID with other Perfect Picks players that want to become Members of that League.


  • League Invitation: Receive a League Invitation from the League Administrator to join a League. 


  • Leagues: Section of the app to create private challenges with your Friends, accept League Invitations and view League Tables.


  • Low Score Alert: Not such good news. A Low Score Alert comes after you or one of your Friends scores 20 points or less in a Contest.


  • My Stats: Section of the app to view your Rankings, Pick Successes, Personal Bests and Lifetime Average.


  • News Feed: Regular Contest alerts and results, League notifications and Friend Requests all in one place.


  • Perfect Contest: If all your Picks in a Contest are Perfect Picks, you will score 100 points and have achieved a Perfect Contest! 


  • Perfect Pick: The aim of the game! Predict the correct result and winning margin and you will have achieved a Perfect Pick. 


  • Personal Best: Your highest score in a Contest for each sport.


  • Pick: The basis of the app. Pick the team you think will win the game then select the winning margin. 


  • Points: The more accurate your Picks, the higher your score. Points available for each game are determined by the number of games in a Contest. The maximum points available in each Contest is 100.


  • Profile: Section of the app to accept Friend Requests, find people you know and update personal information


  • Sport Preferences: Select the Competitions for which, and reasons you would like to receive alerts and reminders to your device.


  • Standard League: A type of League. Choose the Sport, Competition, Start Date and End Date, as well as the scoring type (Total Points or Average Points). Ideal for groups of friends or family to compete privately against one another.


  • Star Pick: You have one Star Pick per Contest. Any Points scored in this game will be doubled, so use it wisely!


  • Today's Picks: See all your Picks taking place today, including live scores for those In Play and your projected points for each game. Available via the Home section.


  • Total Points: A League scoring type. Standings are based on the total points each Member is awarded for all League Contests combined.


  • World Ranking: Check your World Ranking for each sport against all other Perfect Picks players based on your World Ranking Points. Try and reach number one and claim you're the very best!


  • World Ranking Points: The average of your 10/20 best scores from your last 20/40 Contests. If fewer Contests have been completed, it is the average of all your scores. We'll send you an alert if your World Ranking Points change after each Completed Contest.

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