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NBA Jackpot Contests Launched

Updated: May 17, 2021

We have launched the first of many NBA Jackpot Contests. NBA fans can now enter contests, make picks, and challenge friends, while having the chance to win one of our £1000/$1300 Jackpot Prizes.

If the winner of the Contest scores 80 points or higher the prize will be awarded. So far we have given away multiple prizes in our Soccer and NFL Contests, and hope to do the same very soon for the NBA.

All our Contests are free to play, including ones that offer Jackpot Prizes. The app is free tow download and there is no entry fee.

How To Play Perfect Picks NBA Contests

An NBA Jackpot Contest will usually include 8-10 games. Players simply pick which teams they think will win, and how many points the teams will win by. The more accurate the picks are, the more points the players will earn. The maximum score for all Contests is 100 points, the winning score is usually between 60 and 90 points. Any player winning the Contest and scoring 80 points or more will be awarded the £1000/$1300 prize.

Remember To Use Your Star Pick

For every Contest players are allowed to use 1 Star Pick. For this game, all points awarded will be doubled. Therefore, it it important to use the star pick wisely. The app will warn players and also send a reminder if you have not completed all picks or have forgotten to use the star.

Prime Time Televised NBA Games

Wherever possible our NBA Contests will include all televised prime time games. This means everyone can watch the games while cheering for their picks.

Good luck with your picks, we hope to be giving away some NBA Contest prizes soon. Download the app now from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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