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Welcome to Perfect Picks

Thank you for agreeing to help us test the new Perfect Picks app. This is the beta version therefore you might notice a few bugs. While we are aware of most, we are always working to improve the user experience and look forward to receiving your feedback. Please read a quick guide to Perfect Picks below and your next steps before you get started.

How to Install the App

First you need to install the TestFlight app on your iPhone. You can download this from the App Store. TestFlight is Apple’s way of providing access to apps that are still in development.

After installing TestFlight please let the Perfect Picks team know.  They will then send you an email via TestFlight. Please view this email on your iPhone and click the link to install the Perfect Picks app. From your iPhone you can now launch the Perfect Picks app and register.

What is Perfect Picks?

Perfect Picks is a game based on making accurate predictions in your favourite sports. Only soccer is currently available, but more sports will soon be added.

As a Perfect Picks player you will: make game picks in Contests, score points based on your picks, gain a ranking and try to improve it, and challenge your friends in a League.

A Perfect Pick is achieved when you correctly predict the winning team and winning margin for a game. For example, if you predict Liverpool to beat Everton by 2 goals, and the final score is 3-1 to Liverpool, you will have made a Perfect Pick and be awarded the maximum amount of points for this game.


What is a Contest?

Contests are the core element of Perfect Picks. Each Contest contains 3 or more games. For each game you are required to make a pick. The maximum score for every Contest is 100 points. Your aim is to earn as many points as possible. If you correctly predict both the result and winning margin in all games in a Contest, you will earn 100 points.

You are entered into a Contest as soon as you make your first pick for that Contest. All picks can be changed up until kick-off. Once a Contest starts you can view the leaderboard to see how well you are doing. Points are awarded once a game is completed.

Contests are created by the Perfect Picks team. Perfect Picks players do not create or manage Contest settings.

Within the Contests section of the app you will see three headings:

  • Entered – Contests in which you have made 1 or more Pick

  • Available – Contests in which you have made 0 Picks

  • Completed – Contests you entered that have finished

To start playing, go to the Available tab and choose a Contest to enter.


How do I Score Points?

Maximise your points by correctly predicting the winning team (or draw) and correct winning margin.

If you do not predict the correct winning margin, but still predict the correct winning team, you will score points. The number of points you score will depend on:

  • How close you were to the winning margin, e.g. 1 away, 2 away, 3+ away

  • How many games were included in the Contest


If you do not correctly predict the winning team, you will earn 0 points.


For every Contest you can make one Star Pick. Using the Star Pick will double the number of points you can score for that game.


What is a League?

Any player can set up a League and in doing so they will become the League Admin. Leagues enable a group of friends to compete against one another for as little as one day, or over an entire season or more. All results are tracked and displayed in the League Table.

The League Admin will create a League, choose the Sport(s) and Competition(s) included, set a duration and invite Friends to be Members.

The app will automatically assign all Contests to a League that meet the League criteria. League Admins do not need to allocate Contests to a League.

For example, a League that has been created to run from 1-30 September 2020 for the English Premier League, will only include Contests that start and finish within those dates, and only include English Premier League games.


What is My Stats?

My Stats lets you compare your own performance to all other Perfect Picks players, including those from just your own country and your Friends.

Your World Ranking is calculated based on your average Contest score from the last 2 months. You must have played a minimum of 4 Contests to qualify for a World Ranking score.

My Stats section also includes your Personal Best and Average Lifetime Score.

What is Profile?

Your Profile contains basic information about you. This is where you can upload a picture that will display throughout the app. You cannot currently edit other profile information, but this will be soon be possible.

You can also search for people you know are using Perfect Picks and send them a Friend invite. If another user has sent you a Friend invite you can accept or reject their request.

Once you are Friends with another Perfect Picks player you will be able to view their Contest results and how you compare to them in My Stats.

Improvements Coming Soon

During the coming weeks we plan to release a new version of the app every week. You will receive a notification from TestFlight as soon as the new version is available.

Upcoming improvements include:

  • Re-design of the Picks screen

  • Ability to edit your Profile information

  • Greater visual differentiation between main sections of the app

  • Improved usability and information for the help screens (meaning no need for long instructions like this document!)

  • Addition of a short tutorial the first time you log in after registering

  • Ability to view Friends’ stats

  • Addition of a news feed. This will include information and reminders regarding your Contests, Leagues, Friends, Stats and Rewards


What do we need your help with?

At this stage we want to be sure the app is working well, is easy to understand and is fun. Primarily please let us know if anything is confusing or broken, but of course we are keen to hear suggestions for future improvements.

Feel free to play around with the app as much as you like and we would encourage you to enter all Available Contests. 

Currently you cannot invite other people to register.

Your next steps are:

  1. Install the Perfect Picks app

  2. Register

  3. Upload a Profile Picture

  4. Enter Available Contests

  5. Join the Beta Testers DE League by entering League ID: 968E2

  6. Check your performance via the Leaderboard

  7. Gain a World Ranking (after 4 Completed Contests)

  8. Have fun!

Please send any questions or feedback via WhatsApp to the Perfect Picks team.

Thanks again for your help.

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